If you are a new patient, or if you are an existing patient whose information has changed, please download and fill out the attached Patient Information Forms, and kindly bring them to the office for your next appointment. This will save you time and insure that our records are complete and accurate. Thank You!                                                  


Patient Information 



Dr. Sweterlitsch accepts nearly all insurance plans. If your plan is not listed on the next tab, please call us for information on your plan. Dr. Sweterlitsch is registered with Medicare and accepts claims assignment. Medicare beneficiaries still have to pay a coinsurance or copayment amount for a visit or service. Dr. Sweterlitsch is eligible to order or refer healthcare services for Medicare patients.



Ophthalmologists are trained physicians and surgeons, who are well-versed in health conditions beyond just those related to the eye. This means they can diagnose and treat eye diseases and can sometimes diagnose systemic diseases that a specialist or primary care physician can help treat. The Academy recommends all healthy adults have their eyes dilated and see an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam by age 40. This can prevent vision problems later in life.